Terry Bookman

I exist to be a connector—connecting people to themselves (allowing for awareness and insight, as well as wholeness and personal growth); to one another (creating sacred community); and to God (linking themselves to a Higher Purpose in all they do in life).

While my primary “container” is Judaism which challenges us to lead a life of holiness, I draw from the truths I have discovered in all faith traditions, meditation, centering prayer, and yoga, psychology, literature, science, the arts, the human potential movement, popular culture, leadership and organizational theory, philosophy, politics, anthropology, and history. And always with a sense of humor.

Eitzah Around the World

For more than a decade, I have been fortunate to both write and take what I know about leadership and organizations to serve folks and communities not only here in North America but in Africa, India, South America, Israel-Palestine, and Europe as well.  Though I do this work pro-bono, I feel as if I am the one who has been given a gift, allowing me to be in connection with some of the most vibrant and courageous leaders in the world today.  Oftentimes, all they lack are the physical and human resources to get them to the next level—transformation of the leadership and the people they serve.  Your donorship will help Eitzah continue this vital work, making a difference around the world. 

What others say…

“Rabbi Terry Bookman is a rare jewel. Wise, compassionate, AND practical, he brings faith to life.”

Joan Borysenko
PhD, author of A woman’s Journey to God and Inner Peace for Busy People 

“How do you bring God, love, and sacred connections back into your life? One way, which I highly recommend, is to read the work of Rabbi Terry Bookman”

Brian Weiss
M.D., author of Many Lives Many Masters 

“Even after a decade since Terry lived and volunteered with us at Dalit Shakti Kendra here in Gujarat, India, the memories of his presence and leadership remains close to our minds and hearts with a simple message that the world needs to come closer.”

Martin Macwan
Director of Navsarjan 

“Terry Bookman is a unique rabbi. He has built a great synagogue, thinks outside the box, writes beautifully, and is a genuine leader.”

Rabbi Irwin Kula
President of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership 

“Back in 2015, Rabbi Terry Bookman volunteered with the management and staff of the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village to provide workshops on how to establish effective relationships. We use his model of leadership to this day. He taught us that ideas don't create change, relationships create change. He explained that one person's word is the foundation for integrity, integrity is the foundation for trust, trust is the foundation for workability, and workability is the foundation for a pure relationship.”

Executive Director Jean-Claude Nkulikiyimfura,  Rwanda 


“Rabbi Bookman was the answer to our prayers, helping us reconnect to our inheritance of faith and guiding us in the creation of our community here in the mountains of Peru.”

Yisrael Rios
President  Beit Torat Moshe 


“My experience of Terry’s coaching occurred mostly when I shared with him dilemmas in situations I am facing in my life as an MD in palliative care, and as a social activist for a just, equal and generous society in Israel-Palestine. The responses I heard from him shifted my way of looking at these situations, and, as a result, I could see new openings for action. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met and have Terry in my life. ”

Jamal Daghash  

“I had the good fortune of having Terry A. Bookman as a coach when a participant in a leadership program. Terry supported me by his personal approach and interest in my project. He put himself in my world and moved me forward to obtain impressive results. He is a man of integrity. ”

Sister Fionnuala Quinn O.P.  
Dublin, Ireland

“Let me acknowledge you for what you've been for me Terry, believing in my ability as a leader and encouraging me to continue being active despite difficulties. The fact that you are always available to talk and advise me is unique and highly appreciated. Bless you  ”

Amit Leshem, Jerusalem 
Association for Fraternity and Coexistence in the Negev, Israel. 

“Rabbi Terry A. Bookman organized the project for the "Rescue of the Benei Anusim" which was very successful in returning to their Jewish roots people who were descendants of those who fled from Spain and Portugal so long ago. Together with Dr. Carl Hauer Simmonds (z”l) “our” rabbi made it possible to incorporate Jewish culture and religion into thousands of lives to feel our identification with Israel, enabling the return to our Jewish spiritual roots. ”

Dr. Jorge Moncayo
Guayaquil, Ecuador

“Rabbi Bookman, as is his nature, and is so sorely needed, speaks truth –without fear of consequences. Far from shying away from sacred cows, he brings experience, intelligence, empathy, and chutzpah in addressing the major opportunities and challenges of our time.”

Rabbi Sid Schwarz
Author of Jewish Megatrends

“Bookman’s conversational tone makes his books easy to digest for readers of all faiths.”


“A remarkable rabbi and a stimulating writer.”

Jewish Post and Opinion 

“Rabbi Terry Bookman’s wonderful books provide a practical guide on how to access the sacred and the holy. If you are looking to connect with the power of God and the profundity of Jewish faith, read his work.”

Rabbi Eric Yoffie
President Emeritus Union of Reform Judaism 

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