The Concierge Rabbi

In my 35 years of leading congregations, what I loved most was the privilege afforded me to enter people’s lives in their most important and sacred moments as a teacher, a pastor, and as a spiritual advisor. Over the years I often thought, “If this was the totality of my rabbinate I would be the world’s luckiest man.” And then I retired. Now after some years of much needed rest and renewal, a time in which I consciously left a great deal of space in my life, I sought a way to return to the work I loved, without the encumbrance of the synagogue structure. I think I found it.

Borrowing the term from several respected physicians I know, I present to you the ConciergeRabbi. I believe it will provide the intimacy and immediacy so many of us seek in our spiritual and religious leaders. For despite the fact that synagogues and Jewish organizations are witnessing declining membership, surveys continuously suggest that our people take pride in their Jewish identity. Perhaps equally important, most people want or feel they need a genuine spiritual leader in their lives in times of simcha as well as sadness, important decision making, significant transitions, and moments of crisis. Instead of the synagogue’s one size fits all menu, the Concierge Rabbi can customize for each individual that which they are personally seeking from their Jewish commitment.

a ConciergeRabbi, I offer the following services and opportunities (and am open to creating others based on your particular needs):

All cycle of life readiness and officiation (at any destination)—birth of a child, coming of age, conversion, marriage, divorce, funerals, and unveilings.

Navigating personal and family moments of change and transformation—illness and death, empty nesting, retirement, career transitions, new home, conflict resolution, and reconciliation

Life Coaching and Counseling

Spiritual development

Personalized Learning (individual or group) in your home or office or electronically

Rabbi’s Hot Line (for immediate answers to any Jewish/life question)

Holiday Preparation and Celebration

Pastoral Visits (home, hospital, or nursing home)

Shivah minyan

Regular Thought Challenges through social media postings

Annual “Global” Conversation(s)

Meditation Training/Guided Individualized Spiritual Workout

Of course, any or all of these services are flexible and will be customized to your individual needs. As your CR I am happily available to you and your immediate extended family (life partner, parents, children, siblings, and grandchildren). I would be honored to share your family’s journey with you for in the end, it is the relationships we build, nurture, and cherish that provide the ground for a life worth living.