The Eitzah Story

Eitzah, begun in 2000, is the collaborative creation of Dr. William Kahn and Rabbi Terry Bookman. It grew out of their mutual concern for synagogues and the people, both lay and professional, who serve those institutions in leadership capacities. Eitzah is an attempt to bring the best practices of organizational development and management principles together with spiritually centered values to train leaders for the 21st century.

Our original hope was to work within the organizational structures that already existed in the Jewish community. However, the resistance we experienced made it clear that we would have to look elsewhere. We were fortunate. Independent philanthropists also saw the need and soon we were leading workshops and coaching participants across the denominational spectrum nationally. What a blessing! Drawing from the work we did in the Jewish world, in 2008 we published This House We Build (Alban Press) an in-depth guide to healthy synagogues and the people “live” there.  Now, years later, it remains “THE” textbook on synagogue life.  Church leaders, those who work with Boards of Directors, as well social entrepreneurs have also found it both useful and helpful.  After all, we all report to the same “Boss!”

Today, Eitzah is thrilled that this type of learning has become normative and is readily available . At the same time, our team and our focus also evolved. Eitzah is now centered on coaching extraordinary clergy and not-for-profit leaders throughout the world as well as consulting with exemplary organizations and businesses who share our vision of a community that thrives. Eitzah—transforming leadership and creating the future!